Spring Term Enrichment

by Joanne Chen  on January 8, 2024  in  Enrichment Parents

The Spring Term enrichment program starts on Monday 15th January, and will finish on Friday, March 15th.

To streamline our Enrichment sign-up process and to foster greater participation among students this term, we have implemented some changes. Beginning next week, on Monday  15th January, students interested in participating in Enrichment should simply arrive at the session of their choice, where they will be added to the register. This information will be accessible through the SIMS App, eliminating the need for pre-registration. Please note that Climbing, Dog Club, Cooking Club, and KS4 Photography and Jewellery Making have limited spaces, and for these clubs, signing up in advance is required via the provided Sign-up Form.

Excitingly, we are offering a total of 38 enrichments, taking place either after school or, new this term, during lunchtime. During Form Time this week, students will have the opportunity to designate their preferred enrichment in their planners. The comprehensive list of available enrichments for your child is provided below; we encourage you to discuss their preferences with them.

If you have not yet used the SIMS App, we strongly recommend downloading it, as it provides real-time access to your child’s timetable, including enrichment sessions, as well as information on rewards and detentions. For assistance with accessing the SIMS App, please email simsparent@kaa.org.uk.

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