Y11 Mock Exams Autumn 2023

by Vashti Turner  on November 17, 2023  in  Assessment Exams

Year 11 students will be sitting their GCSE mock exams from Monday 27th November to Friday 8th December.

Mock exams are always an important part of GCSE preparation. It is essential students sit their mocks in a formal setting, under full exam conditions and experience something that is as close to the real thing as possible. This will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the progress that they have made and to have honest conversations with their teachers about how they can improve further.

We know students have been working tirelessly to prepare for these exams, with many attending revision club and completing thorough revision at home. Students should now be revising at home in preparation for these mock exams and the real GCSEs to follow. Creating a revision timetable will really help them do this in an organised way. We have issued each student with a blank revision timetable and advised them on how to go about this. Parents should go through these revision timetables with them so you know how they are preparing. Students have also been given a personal copy of their exam timetable. This shows when each of their exams are and how long they will last. Students must take care of these and bring them into school every day during the mock period.

Timetables and a full parent information letter are provided below for parent reference.

Y11 Autumn Mock Exams – 17 November 2023




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