Year 11 students celebrate GCSE results

by Vashti Turner  on August 24, 2023  in  Academy News

We’re delighted to share that our fantastic Year 11s have secured a strong set of GCSE results today, despite the many challenges they have faced in recent years.

Although the national picture is that schools have been ‘re-set’ to pre-pandemic grading, KAA has landed well ahead of our 2019 results, and ahead of key national measures as well. This is testament to the talent and commitment of both students and staff.

Some highlights include;

  • 70% of English grades (best of) were 5 or above, compared to 55% nationally
  • 59% of Maths grades were 5 or above, compared to 52% nationally
  • A quarter of all grades were grade 9-7 (A*/A equivalent)
  • Nearly two thirds of all grades were 5 and above

Principal David Benson said: “We are so proud of our fantastic Year 11s. Also grateful to staff and parents who worked so hard to ensure they were thoroughly prepared. We wish them all the very best with the next stage of their education – they are in a great place to now build on next year.”

There were a number of significant individual successes in this cohort – too many to mention here. They include;

  • Zach, who achieved four grades 9 and six grade 8s – an incredible set of results. He said that the key to his success “was hard work and five hours revision every day.” He has now enrolled to study Maths, Economics, Biology and History at KAA Sixth Form.
  • Nadia, who received ten GCSEs with grades 8 & 9 and will go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths A Levels with us.
  • Melina, who had 5 grade 9s and four grade 8s, and will now study Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Maths at KAA6.

Well done to them and all students for their successes today.

Please note we are currently enrolling for KAA Sixth Form. Students wishing to join can check the entrance criteria and contact us here.

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  • Amazing results.well done year 11. These results are not only down to the hard work of pupils but also the hard work of the teaching staff at KAA

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