Angelou Wins House Debating!

by Joanne Chen  on March 28, 2024  in  House Competitions

The major house competition for Spring 2 was House Debating, led by our English department. Throughout the half term students prepared during tutor time for the finals after school on Wednesday 27th March. During the competition, students tackled a range of topics, such as whether parents should regulate their children’s social media usage or if governmental intervention alone can mitigate climate change. The debates showcased compelling arguments, and Dominik (7 BOLTON), Janna (9 WONDER), Safaa (9 WONDER), Candice (9 OMARI), Maryam (9 OMARI), Aarmi (9 ARMSTRONG) and Jessica (10 KASSOVITZ) were awarded “most valuable debaters” for their contributions. Following a tally of points, Angelou emerged victorious with a total of 152 points, closely followed by Franklin in second place with 147 points, Pankhurst in third with 140 points, and Honeyball in fourth with 124 points.

With this recent triumph, Angelou has surged into a very close second place in the house points standings. Pankhurst continues to maintain their top position, currently holding the most house points. It appears that the race for the house cup will be tightly contested, promising an exciting competition ahead!

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