Honeyball Wins House Dance!

by Joanne Chen  on February 9, 2024  in  Dance House Competitions Performance and Creative Arts

Throughout this half term, nearly 100 students have been practising and rehearsing enthusiastically to choreograph and perform a routine for the major house competition in Spring 1 – House Dance. Each entry was inspired by form group icons for the House Dance competition. Angelou chose Beyonce (9 Knowles), Franklin based theirs on Stormzy (9 Omari), Honeyball honoured Alan Turing (11 Turing) and Pankhurst themed their dance on Julie Andrews (8 Andrews).

The finals took place on Thursday 8th February, and after an amazing showcase of talent and creativity, the results were announced during tutor time today. First place goes to Honeyball, followed by Angelou in second place, Pankhurst secured third place, and Franklin claimed the fourth spot. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances!

You can also find the current house points standings below. Well done to Pankhurst for maintaining their lead from the end of the Autumn term.


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