Honeyball win House Debating 2023!

by Vashti Turner  on May 30, 2023  in  Academy News

The major house competition in the summer 1 term was House Debating, with the finals taking place on Thursday 25th May after school.

The two motions debated in the finals were “this House believe that we should all welcome the possibilities of artificial intelligence” and “this House believes that peaceful protest never leads to change.” Each house had the opportunity to debate for and against each motion, up against a different house as follows:

In each debate, each speaker was given 2 minutes to speak and could receive two ‘points of information’ which they could either accept or reject. Before the summary speaker concluded their teams’ motion, questions were taken from the floor. Each team answered their questions very well and it was such a tight competition. It was brilliant to see students from each year group working together as a team, showing a true INTREPID spirit!

A huge thanks to Ms Promphrett for running the House Debating competition, and to our teacher-judges who scored each debate, adding up to the following totals:

Honeyball – 233 points

Pankhurst – 229 points

Angelou – 217 points

Franklin – 203 points

Congratulations to the Honeyball students on the winning teams:

Team A: For the motion

First speaker: Swami (7 Zhao)

Second speaker: Krishna (7 Zhao)

Third speaker: Mahamed (12 Wilberforce)

Summary speaker: Daniel (12 Wilberforce)

Team B: Against the motion

First speaker: Janna (8 Wonder)

Second speaker: Ayah (10 Gauss)

Third speaker: Havana (12 Wilberforce)

Summary Speaker: Amarna (8 Bassey)

The results were announced during the End of Term rewards celebrations on Friday 26th May. This included all the points earned in Summer 1 for merits, commendations, attendance, interim competitions and academic awards. With the 20,000 house points for winning House Debating, it was announced that Honeyball had taken back their lead for the House Cup from Pankhurst. Well done Honeyball!



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