Pankhurst win Sports Day Trophy

by Vashti Turner  on July 16, 2015  in  House Competitions Sports

What an amazing competition! Not even the rain could deter the amazing spirit of KAA on Sports Day. Students and staff competed in a full range of track and field events. The points were so close that it went down to the final event – Pankhurst snuck into a 2 point lead and won the first ever Sports Day trophy! Students in every house deserve congratulations for their efforts throughout the day, which kept the competition neck-and-neck. The winners of each event are listed below!

sports day pankhurst win

sports day sprintTRACK EVENTS

Boys’ 60m – Roberto  (PANKHURST)

Girls’ 60m – Sophie (FRANKLIN)

Boys’ 100m – Miles A (HONEYBALL)

Girls’ 100m – Kashele (ANGELOU)

Boys’ 200m – Bilal E (PANKHURST)

sports day 200mGirls’ 200m – Stacey (ANGELOU)

Boys’ 400m – Jeriel (FRANKLIN)

Girls 400m – Tahana (PANKHURST)


Boys’ High Jump – Cameron J (PANKHURST)

Girls’ High Jump – Tahana (PANKHURST)

sports day javelinBoys’ Long Jump – Jeriel (FRANKLIN)

Girls’ Long Jump – Jeanette (ANGELOU)

Boys’ Shot Put – al Amin (PANKHURST)

Girls’ Shot Put – Yusra (ANGELOU)

Boys’ Javelin – Zaid (ANGELOU)

Girls’ Javelin – Poppy (FRANKLIN)

sports day angelouFUN EVENTS

Boys’ Egg and Spoon – Hamza (FRANKLIN)

Girls’ Egg and Spoon – Katie (ANGELOU)

Boys’ Three Legged – Hussain and Hamza (HONEYBALL)

Girls’ Three Legged – Stephanie and Zilan (FRANKLIN)

Student Tug of War – FRANKLIN

Staff Tug of War – ANGELOU

Sports day results

Sports Day was Pankhurst’s first win in a House Competition, which will keep them in the running for the House Cup. Franklin came in 2nd, with just 2 points less than Pankhurst. Angelou battled to 3rd place, and Honeyball came in 4th. Students are keen to discover who has won as the House Points are announced in the End of Year assembly on Friday 17th July.


Well done to all students for their resilience and team spirit, the atmosphere created by the students made KAA’s first Sports Day a roaring success. Roll on next year!




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