Y13 March Mock Exams 2023

by Joanne Chen  on March 8, 2023  in  Exams

Year 13 sit their final set of mock exams from Monday 13th March to Friday 17th March.

Students have been given their individual timetables, which includes their seat numbers for the exams. They should carefully use this timetable to ensure that they are able to plan for their exams in advance. Students must report to the Sports Hall for their exams 10 minutes before the start time (either 8.50am, 11.20am or 1.50pm).

Study leave / studying at school

Student who want to study in school on Monday and Tuesday when they do not have an exam are welcome to do so. They need to register with Mr Whitlock or Dr Davies in the Sixth Form library and remain there at all times whilst on site but not sitting an exam. Students will then be able to leave from 1pm / lunch time as usual.

Due to strike days and a staff inset day, we are unable to accommodate Year 13 students studying on site when they do not have exams from Wednesday to Friday. Therefore, they must only arrive to school on the days when they have an exam from Wednesday to Friday.

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