The Drama Department at KAA provides every student with a consistently outstanding education in drama. We give every student the opportunity to develop as an actor, director, stage manager and stage designer to such a level as to have the genuine option to study the arts at University or follow a career in television, film or theatre.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Working backwards from KS4/5 the drama curriculum has embedded the skills and knowledge that will not only enable students to be successful in examinations, but also enable them to confidently articulate what makes effective theatre. The foundation skills that students develop will ensure that they are able to achieve excellence in GCSE and A Level Drama. We believe that our programme of study will develop confident and enthusiastic drama students, with a passion for the subject. The aim is for all students to have the self-esteem and confidence to perform.

You can download full curriculum overviews via the links below:

KAA Curriculum Overview Year 7 Drama

KAA Curriculum Overview Year 8 Drama

KAA Curriculum Overview Year 9 Drama

GCSE Curriculum

Exam Board: Eduqas

GCSE Drama will help students to develop practical and evaluative skills whilst gaining an appreciation of drama through performance, devising and critical deconstruction of live theatre. The focus of creativity, communication and culture runs through the KS3 curriculum and is carried through to the GCSE and beyond. Students will demonstrate their own abilities through practical elements of the course as well as their theory and understanding in the written paper. They will deconstruct live theatre, published texts and practical performance to deepen their understanding of the performing arts. The GCSE Drama course develops a range of transferable skills which can be applied to other areas of study and future careers.

You can download full curriculum overviews via the links below:

KAA Curriculum Overview Year 10 Drama

KAA Curriculum Overview Year 11 Drama

A Level Curriculum

Exam Board: OCR

The study of drama enables learners to think critically as an actor and a director. Students will develop their technical skills and creativity will be pushed to its limits. They will build on and refine their analytical skills, studying five different play texts. As well as developing as actors, students will develop their communication skills and confidence in speaking and performing in front of others.

Assessment includes a combination of practical drama tasks alongside the analysis and deconstruction of play texts as well as a critical review. This will equip students with the necessary skills and experience to study drama further, or embark on an exciting career in the arts.

The content of the course is designed to allow students to develop technical and creative skills as an actor as well as knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre through the deconstructing and deep analysis of various play texts and key theatre practitioners.

You can download the curriculum overview via the link below:

KAA Curriculum Overview Year 12 Drama

How can I support my child?

• The best way to research and improve in theatre education is to attend drama workshops, read scripts and watch plenty of plays – either live or online

• Encourage your child to read plays from the academy library

• Support your child in the use of BBC Bitesize and Edexcel Drama revision guides