Franklin win Sixth Form Cook Off

by Vashti Turner  on November 22, 2021  in  Creativity House Competitions

On Tuesday 16th November, the D&T department hosted a interim “Cook Off” house competition for Sixth Form. Students provided the judges with 8 exceptional dishes full of well-balanced flavour, food styling and fun.

Each house was asked to make two dishes using ten compulsory ingredients and one special ingredient they could choose themselves, ranging from king prawns to raspberries. Despite some setbacks, each house pulled off two exquisite dishes.

Angelou created a mixed spice chicken and rice dish, a light cinnamon rice pudding with homemade raspberry jam. Franklin made rice with prawn tempura and aubergine with a caramelised sweet potato side. Honeyball made a sweet and sticky glazed chicken with rice and chocolate fondant. Pankhurst made egg-fried rice and vanilla coca-cola cake with a raspberry coulis.

Well done to all our sixth form chefs, but particularly Ella (12 Nightingale) and Rom (13 Roosevelt) on the Franklin team, who were awarded first place by the judges for their prawn tempura and caramelised sweet potato side. It was very close competition and the D&T department was extremely impressed with the creativity and resilience shown with so few ingredients!

Final results

1st: Franklin (5,000 points)

2nd: Angelou (3,750 points)

3rd Pankhurst (2,500 points)

4th Honeyball (1,250 points)


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