Community Use

Making schools accessible to the local community helps raise pupils’ motivation, improves security for the school site, and fosters a sense of ownership in the wider community. The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 explicitly calls for school governors to make their school premises, where possible, available for community use.

The Academy provides the local community with a range of sports and other facilities. Using the local school as a centre for sport, drama and performing arts, community action and, of course, entrepreneurial activity helps regenerate and strengthen communities. Schools can also support community learning and improve local health and well-being.

Developing strong links with the community creates a greater opportunity to promote the value of parent engagement in securing better outcomes for their children, provides a context for ensuring strong links between education and the world of work and reinforces the value of education for the wider community.

The Kensington Aldridge Academy represents a huge investment in social capital within the North Kensington area. The Academy’s sponsors are keen that the facilities are made available to the local community and wish to develop partnership with local community groups to support their local activities.

The design of the building recognises the vision of both sponsors to enable community use.

For more information on our community use plan, please see our Community Use Policy.