Our Staff

The following pages introduce the academy’s leadership team, teachers and support staff.

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Teaching Staff


Subject Staff 
Ms A JohnArtHead of Arta.john@kaa.org.uk
Ms A ArmonArtTeacher of Arta.armon@kaa.org.uk
Ms N MarksArtTeacher of Artn.marks@kaa.org.uk
Mr A Crook Computer ScienceHead of Computer Sciencea.crook@kaa.org.uk
Mr A Todorovic Computer ScienceTeacher of Computer Sciencea.todorovic@kaa.org.uk
Mr R DunningDanceHead of Dancer.dunning@kaa.org.uk
Ms E NixDanceTeacher of Dancee.nix@kaa.org.uk
Mr V Patel Design TechnologyHead of Design Technology v.patel@kaa.org.uk
Ms J OrmsbyDesign TechnologyTeacher of Design Technologyj.ormsby@kaa.org.uk
Mr Y PatelDesign TechnologyTeacher of Design Technologyy.patel@kaa.org.uk
Ms D O'HerlihyDesign TechnologyTeacher of Design Technologyd.o'herlihy@kaa.org.uk
Ms C AgullanoDesign TechnologyTeacher of Design Technologyc.agullano@kaa.org.uk
Ms A L Miller DramaHead of Dramaal.miller@kaa.org.uk
Ms A GurnellDramaDirector of Learning Y10 / Teacher of Dramaa.gurnell@kaa.org.uk
Mr J WallerEnglishDirector of Englishj.waller@kaa.org.uk
Ms C KitteringhamEnglish2nd in Charge of Englishc.kitteringham@kaa.org.uk
Ms I DuncanEnglish2nd in Charge of Englishi.duncan@kaa.org.uk
Ms G ArnoldEnglish Head of House - Angelou / Teacher of English g.arnold@kaa.org.uk
Ms H SklavounosEnglishTeacher of Englishh.sklavounos@kaa.org.uk
Ms J PeelEnglishTeacher of Englishj.peel@kaa.org.uk
Mr J ClaytonEnglishAssistant Principal Teaching & Learning / Teacher of Englishj.clayton@kaa.org.uk
Ms L RoseEnglishTeacher of Englishl.rose@kaa.org.uk
Mr L BeddowsEnglishTeacher of Englishl.beddows@kaa.org.uk
Mr R PlemingEnglishTeacher of English r.pleming@kaa.org.uk
Ms S ArmitageEnglishHead of House - Pankhurst / Teacher of Englishs.armitage@kaa.org.uk
Ms L BlountGeographyHead of Geography / NQT Leadl.blount@kaa.org.uk
Ms A McNeilGeographyTeacher of Geographya.mcneil@kaa.org.uk
Ms F MureGeographyTeacher of Geographyf.mure@kaa.org.uk
Ms L SullyGeographyTeacher of Geographyl.sully@kaa.org.uk
Ms N KrukGeographyTeacher of Geographyn.kruk@kaa.org.uk
Ms P PraillGeographyTeacher of Geographyp.praill@kaa.org.uk
Ms S DesmondHistory, Government & PoliticsHead of Historys.desmond@kaa.org.uk
Mr B MalikHistory, Government & PoliticsAssistant Principal - Safeguarding / Teacher of Historyb.malik@kaa.org.uk
Mr D MackintoshHistory, Government & PoliticsTeacher of Historyd.mackintosh@kaa.org.uk
Mr E KirbyHistory, Government & PoliticsDirector of Learning Y11 / Teacher of Historye.kirby@kaa.org.uk
Ms J BullockHistory, Government & PoliticsTeacher of Historyj.bullock@kaa.org.uk
Ms L Aitken-BurtHistory, Government & PoliticsTeacher of Historyl.aitken-burt@kaa.org.uk
Ms M BryantHistory, Government & PoliticsDirector of Learning Y8 / Teacher of Historym.bryant@kaa.org.uk
Ms O Boyle History, Government & PoliticsDirector of Learning Y12 / Teacher of Historyo.boyle@kaa.org.uk
Mr N EdwardsMathematicsDirector of Maths n.edwards@kaa.org.uk
Mr A AmellalMathematics2nd in charge of Mathematicsa.amellal@kaa.org.uk
Mr M HollandMathematics2nd in charge of Mathematicsm.holland@kaa.org.uk
Mr A AboussaadMathematicsTeacher of Mathsa.aboussaad@kaa.org.uk
Mr A OmerMathematicsTeacher of Mathsa.omer@kaa.org.uk
Ms A OsmanMathematicsTeacher of Mathsa.osman@kaa.org.uk
Mr A TaylorMathematicsTeacher of Mathsa.taylor@kaa.org.uk
Ms A JordanMathematicsSenior Vice Principal / Teacher of Mathsa.jordan@kaa.org.uk
Ms E DemuthMathematicsTeacher of Mathse.demuth@kaa.org.uk
Ms F Rahman MathematicsTeacher of Mathsf.rahman@kaa.org.uk
Mr J PapeMathematicsTeacher of Mathsj.pape@kaa.org.uk
Ms L CarlingMathematicsTeacher of Mathsl.carling@kaa.org.uk
Ms M NourMathematicsTeacher of Mathsm.nour@kaa.org.uk
Ms N Abukar MathematicsTeacher of Mathsn.abukar@kaa.org.uk
Ms R ReedMathematicsTeacher of Mathsr.reed@kaa.org.uk
Ms N SullivanMathematicsSENCO / Teacher of Maths (Maternity)n.sullivan@kaa.org.uk
Ms S Pedley Modern Foreign LanguagesHead of Modern Foreign Languagess.pedley@kaa.org.uk
Mr A Vergara Modern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of Modern Foreign Languagesa.vergara@kaa.org.uk
Ms F HahnefeldModern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of Modern Foreign Languagesf.hahnefeld@kaa.org.uk
Ms I DewesModern Foreign LanguagesDirector of Learning Year 7 / Teacher of Modern Foreign Languagesi.dewes@kaa.org.uk
Ms M ReedModern Foreign LanguagesDirector of Learning Y6 (new Y7 cohort September 2020) / Teacher of Modern Foreign Languagesm.reed@kaa.org.uk
Mr R PaveyModern Foreign LanguagesVice Principal - Sixth Form
/ Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr P RigbyMusicHead of Musicp.rigby@kaa.org.uk
Ms G CockellMusicHead of House - Franklin / Teacher of Musicg.cockell@kaa.org.uk
Mr N DumiganMusicAssistant Principal - Inclusion / Teacher of Musicn.dumigan@kaa.org.uk
Ms L Thompson PEHead of PEl.thompson@kaa.org.uk
Mr J CampbellPETeacher of Physical Education j.campbell@kaa.org.uk
Mr J CyrusPESenior Behaviour Manager / Teacher of Physical Education j.cyrus@kaa.org.uk
Ms J VinesPEDirector of Learning Y10 / Teacher of Physical Education (Maternity)j.vines@kaa.org.uk
Mr K HajjajPETeacher of Physical Education k.hajjaj@kaa.org.uk
Ms N DuersPETeacher of Physical Education n.duers@kaa.org.uk
Mr R Bernard PEVice Principal - Pastoral / Teacher of Physical Educationr.bernard@kaa.org.uk
Ms C SharmanPsychologyHead of Psychologyc.sharman@kaa.org.uk
Ms K BatesPsychologyDirector of Learning Y9 / Teacher of Psychologyk.bates@kaa.org.uk
Ms S LewisPsychologyTeacher of Psychologys.lewis@kaa.org.uk
Ms M BridgewaterReligious EducationHead of Religious Educationm.bridgewater@kaa.org.uk
Mr A WhitlockReligious EducationDirector of Learning Y13 / Teacher of Religious Educationa.whitlock@kaa.org.uk
Ms A PetersReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Educationa.peters@kaa.org.uk
Ms H TalanReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Educationh.talan@kaa.org.uk
Mr H AbubakerReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Educationh.abubaker@kaa.org.uk
Ms I O'ReganReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Educationi.o'regan@kaa.org.uk
Ms K SteinmanReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Education k.steinman@kaa.org.uk
Ms I DennistonScienceDirector of Science (Interim)i.denniston@kaa.org.uk
Ms R OyewoleScienceSecond i/c of Science (Maternity)r.oyewole@kaa.org.uk
Mr C Meighen ScienceSecond i/c of Science (Maternity Cover)c.meighen@kaa.org.uk
Mr D SimonScienceLead Teacher of Physicsd.simon@kaa.org.uk
Mr R DaviesScienceLead Teacher of Chemistryr.davies@kaa.org.uk
Mr R GreenishScienceAssistant Principal - Data (Interim) / Teacher of Sciencer.greenish@kaa.org.uk
Ms A LampardScienceTeacher of Sciencea.lampard@kaa.org.uk
Ms C BarrowScienceDirector of Learning Y8 / Teacher of Science (Maternity)c.barrow@kaa.org.uk
Mr D PraschScienceTeacher of Scienced.prasch@kaa.org.uk
Mr G LeeScienceTeacher of Scienceg.lee@kaa.org.uk
Ms J SpeakmanScienceTeacher of Science / Duke of Edinburgh Coordinatorj.speakman@kaa.org.uk
Ms M Fatania MorleyScienceTeacher of Science m.fatania-morley@kaa.org.uk
Ms M MavrouScienceTeacher of Sciencem.mavrou@kaa.org.uk
Ms N JewayScienceTeacher of Sciencen.jeway@kaa.org.uk
Ms M McCannTraveller TeacherTraveller Teacherm.mccann@kaa.org.uk
Mr C OgaliCoverCover Supervisorc.ogali@kaa.org.uk
Mr M BelloCoverCover Supervisorm.bello@kaa.org.uk

Pastoral & Learning Support Staff


Mr N Dumigan Learning SupportAssistant Principal - Inclusion
Ms N SullivanLearning SupportSENCO (Maternity)
Ms E HatchettLearning SupportSENCO (Maternity Cover)
Mr A GraceLearning SupportDeputy SENCO
Ms J DonaldsonGrandin CentreHead of Grandin Centre
Mr P DuncanGrandin Centre2nd in charge of Grandin
Mr J CyrusLearning SupportBehaviour Manager
Mr L LevinLearning SupportSWS Manager
Mr J ByrneLearning SupportBehaviour Manager
Ms C ToussaintLearning SupportAdvanced Learning Mentor
Mr T Walsh Learning SupportAdvanced Learning Mentor
Ms K GreenLearning SupportLearning Mentor
Ms P Williams Learning SupportLearning Mentor
Ms A SpoonerLearning SupportWest London Zone Link Worker
Ms A StepanLearning SupportHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Literacy)
Ms C Estivals-DouilletLearning SupportHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Numeracy)
Ms R Dinsmore Learning SupportHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Literacy)
Mr A BadawyGrandin CentreLearning Support Assistant
Mr A DridiLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms A MaherGrandin CentreLearning Support Assistant
Mr A SelmaniGrandin CentreLearning Support Assistant
Ms D FruzzaLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms H AbbasiLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms H RachieLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms H NoorGrandin CentreLearning Support Assistant
Ms I MarinovLearning Support Learning Support Assistant
MS J RaymanLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms J OlatunjiLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms K Nelson Learning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr L KargboLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms M SadatyLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms N MiaLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr S NugentLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms S BucincaLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms S AhmadLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms T McKoyLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms Y NtiLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms C MacadamTherapyPlace2be SPM
Ms N DavisTherapyPlace2be ASPM
Ms T Tull-PierceTherapyPlace2be School Based Counsellor
Ms S HackTherapyPlace2be Parent Counsellor

Support Staff


Ms L BleauAdministrationAttendance Officer
Ms M HaddadAdministrationCareers Advisor
Mr A HerdAdministrationData Analyst
Ms M SabinAdministrationExaminations Officer
Ms V TurnerAdministrationExecutive Assistant to Principal
Ms N WyssAdministrationFamily Connections Manager
Ms E GoulandrisAdministrationKAA Intrepidus Trust Administrator
Ms S WeitzmanAdministrationKAA Intrepidus Trust Administrator
Ms A ParkerAdministrationMedical Officer
Ms F BoujettifAdministrationPastoral Support Manager
Ms S LaamairiAdministrationPastoral Administrator
Ms M AlbabbeiAdministrationReceptionist
Ms M AntunesAdministrationReceptionist
Mr D MachadoAdministrationRegistrar
Ms N Taylor
AdministrationReprographics Officer
Mr O DaviesAdministrationSenior Data Manager
Ms J GarciaAdministrationSchool Librarian
Ms M StanilandAdministrationSEN Administrator
Mr M AbleyAdministrationUniversity Access Officer (The Access Project)
Ms S BakaliAdministrationSixth Form Support Officer
Mr F DelfsCateringCatering Manager
Ms E GonzalesCateringHead Chef
Mr B CalibosoCateringCatering Assistant
Ms L Pitha CateringCatering Assistant
Mr M HmaimouCateringCatering Assistant
Ms N MangobaCateringCatering Assistant
Ms V GibbinsCateringCatering Assistant
Mr K LamguindazCateringKitchen Porter
Mr M DaleyFacilities ManagementFacilities Manager
Mr B MannFacilities ManagementFacilities Coordinator
Mr J SynottFacilities ManagementCaretaker
Mr D KirkwoodFacilities ManagementCaretaker
Mr C TettehFacilities ManagementCaretaker
Mr L WeeksFinance & HRFinance Director
Ms I BojanicFinance & HRFinance Manager
Ms G JunFinance & HRFinance Officer
Ms A OliveFinance & HRSenior HR Advisor
Ms J CromeFinance & HRHR & Finance Officer
Mr N KleinhansITIT Manager
Mr K AmeenITSenior IT Technician
Mr T DantasITIT Technician
Ms I SavaskanTechniciansArt Technician
Mr C HillTechniciansDT Technician
Ms S JureidiniTechniciansFood Technician
Mrs S BalasinghamTechniciansScience Technician
Mr A MartinTechniciansScience Technician