Staff List

Our staff list is provided for parent reference below, along with email addresses should you wish to contact your child’s teacher.

Leadership Staff

Staff NameDepartmentRoleEmail address
Mr D BensonSenior Leadership TeamPrincipalPlease direct queries to the Principal's EA at
Ms A JordanSenior Leadership TeamSenior Vice Principal -
Mr R BernardSenior Leadership TeamVice Principal -
Mr J ClaytonSenior Leadership TeamVice Principal - Teaching and
Mr N EdwardsSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Principal -
Ms A GurnellSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Principal - Pastoral
Ms J VinesSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Principal - Personal
Mr J WallerSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Principal - Teaching &
Mr A WhitlockSenior Leadership TeamAssistant Principal - Sixth
Ms C KitteringhamExtended Leadership TeamDirector of
Mr A AmellalExtended Leadership TeamDirector of
Ms I DennistonExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Science (Maternity Leave)
Ms R OyewoleExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Science (Maternity Cover)
Mr R DunningExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Performing & Creative
Ms N SullivanExtended Leadership TeamDirector of
Ms G CockellExtended Leadership TeamCo-Director of Learning Year
Ms M ReedExtended Leadership TeamCo-Director of Learning Year
Mr H AbubakerExtended Leadership TeamCo-Director of Learning Year
Ms I DewesExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Learning Year
Ms S ArmitageExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Learning Year
Ms C BarrowExtended Leadership TeamCo-Director of Learning Year
Ms K BatesExtended Leadership TeamCo-Director of Learning Year 10
Ms R ChauhanExtended Leadership TeamCo-Director of Learning Year
Ms O BoyleExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Learning Year
Ms H SandfordExtended Leadership TeamDirector of Learning Year

For more information about our leadership team, visit our Leadership page.

Teaching Staff

Staff NameDepartmentRoleEmail address
Ms V ParkerArtHead of
Ms A ArmonArtTeacher of Art (Maternity Leave)
Mr P DuncanArt2ic Grandin Centre / Teacher of
Ms J KernonArtTeacher of
Ms N MarksArtTeacher of Art (Maternity Leave)
Ms M StanilandCitizenshipTeacher of Citizenship / Media
Mr A Crook Computer ScienceHead of Computer
Ms U EsseinComputer ScienceTeacher of Computer
Ms H ShoibComputer ScienceTeacher of Computer
Mr D TamangComputer ScienceTeacher of Computer
Mr R DunningDanceHead of Dance / Director of Performing & Creative
Ms E NixDanceHead of Angelou House / Teacher of
Ms M BakxDesign TechnologyTeacher of Art / Design Technology
Ms C AgullanoDesign TechnologyLead Teacher of Design
Ms D O'HerlihyDesign TechnologyTeacher of Design Technologyd.o'
Ms J OrmsbyDesign TechnologyTeacher of Design
Ms A L Miller DramaHead of
Ms A GurnellDramaAssistant Principal / DSL / Teacher of
Ms E MajorDrama Teacher of
Ms S RedfordDramaTeacher of
Ms D ThomasDramaTeacher of Drama / Cover
Ms E IngrEconomicsHead of
Ms C KitteringhamEnglishDirector of
Ms L RoseEnglish2nd in Charge of
Ms H SklavounosEnglish2nd in Charge of
Ms S ArmitageEnglishDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Ms E CannanEnglishTeacher of
Mr J ClaytonEnglishVice Principal / Teacher of
Ms B GogartyEnglishTeacher of
Mr A GraceEnglishDeputy SENCO / Teacher of
Ms J PeelEnglishTeacher of
Ms I StevensEnglishTeacher of
Ms V StirlingEnglishTeacher of
Mr J WallerEnglishAssistant Principal / Teacher of
Ms N WebbEnglishSENCO / Teacher of English
Ms E WilliamsEnglishTeacher of English / Breakfast Club Coordinator
Ms L BlountGeographyHead of Geography / NQT
Ms A McNeillGeography2nd in Charge of
Ms O BirksGeographyTeacher of Geography / Jamie's Farm
Mr J ByrneGeographyTeacher of
Ms N KrukGeographyHead of Honeyball House / Teacher of
Ms H SandfordGeographyDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Ms S DesmondHistory, Government & PoliticsHead of History, Government & Politics (Maternity Leave)
Ms A AhmedHistory, Government & PoliticsLead Teacher of History (Maternity Cover) / 2ic
Ms J BullockHistory, Government & PoliticsHead of Pankhurst House / 2ic History (Maternity Cover)
Ms O Boyle History, Government & PoliticsDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Ms C CopeHistory, Government & PoliticsTeacher of
Ms J DonaldsonHistory, Government & PoliticsHead of Grandin Centre / Teacher of
Mr H GibbinsHistory, Government & PoliticsTeacher of History/ Behaviour
Ms I MurrayHistory, Government & PoliticsTeacher of
Mr A AmellalMathematicsDirector of
Ms L CarlingMathematics2nd in charge of
Mr A TaylorMathematics2nd in charge of
Mr A AboussaadMathematicsTeacher of
Mr N EdwardsMathematicsAssistant Principal / Teacher of
Mr A FinchMathematicsTeacher of
Mr J GibbsMathematicsTeacher of
Ms R HindleyMathematicsTeacher of
Mr A IslamMathematicsTeacher of
Ms A JordanMathematicsSenior Vice Principal / Teacher of
Ms S KanagasabaiMathematicsTeacher of Maths
Ms A MaherMathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mr A OmerMathematicsTeacher of
Ms M SadatyMathematicsTeacher of
Ms N SullivanMathematicsDirector of Inclusion / Teacher of Maths (Maternity Leave)
Ms J ZhubiMathematicsTeacher of
Ms S Pedley Modern Foreign LanguagesHead of Modern Foreign
Ms F HahnefeldModern Foreign LanguagesLead Teacher of MFL (Maternity Cover) / Second in Charge of Modern Foreign
Mr K BiggsModern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages / 2ic MFL (Maternity Cover)
Ms I DewesModern Foreign LanguagesDirector of Learning / Teacher of Modern Foreign
Mr F IvettModern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of Modern Foreign
Ms M ReedModern Foreign LanguagesDirector of Learning / Teacher of Modern Foreign
Mr B SampsonModern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of Modern Foreign
Mr A Vergara Modern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of Modern Foreign
Mr P RigbyMusicHead of
Ms G CockellMusicDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Ms F NobleMusicTeacher of
Ms M KennedyPELead Teacher of
Mr R Bernard PEVice Principal / Teacher of Physical
Mr K HajjajPETeacher of PE / Behaviour
Mr A McDonaldPETeacher of
Ms J VinesPEAssistant Principal / Teacher of Physical
Ms L AriesPsychologyTeacher of
Ms K BatesPsychologyDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Ms S LewisPsychologyTeacher of Psychology / SWS
Ms M BridgewaterReligious EducationHead of Religious
Ms I O'ReganReligious EducationLead Teacher of Religious Education (Maternity Cover) / DoE Coordinatori.o'
Mr H AbubakerReligious EducationDirector of Learning / Teacher of Religious
Ms A PetersReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Education / Breakfast Club
Ms K SteinmanReligious EducationTeacher of Religious Education
Mr A WhitlockReligious EducationAssistant Principal / Teacher of Religious
Ms I DennistonScienceDirector of Science (Maternity Leave)
Ms R OyewoleScienceDirector of Science (Maternity Cover) / Second i/c of Science
Ms M MavrouScienceSecond i/c of
Ms N JewayScienceLead Teacher of
Mr R DaviesScienceLead Teacher of
Ms G LeeScienceLead Teacher of
Ms C BarrowScienceDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Mr H BellScienceTeacher of Science / Head of
Ms R ChauhanScienceDirector of Learning / Teacher of
Ms S ClarkeScienceTeacher of
Mr J JammalScienceTeacher of
Ms V MatthewsScienceTeacher of
Ms N McGrinnityScienceTeacher of
Mr S OnabanjoScienceTeacher of
Mr D PraschScienceTeacher of
Ms J RavenscroftScienceTeacher of
Ms J SpeakmanScienceTeacher of Science / DoE
Ms M McCannPastoralTraveller
Mrs K StewartCoverCover
Mr B OuakrimCoverCover
Mr M HibbelnCoverCover

Learning Support Staff

Ms N SullivanExtended Leadership Team (eSLT)Director of Inclusion (Maternity Leave)
Ms N WebbLearning
Mr A GraceLearning SupportDeputy
Ms J DonaldsonGrandin CentreHead of Grandin
Mr P DuncanGrandin CentreSecond in Charge of
Ms S LewisSWSSWS Coordinator . / Teacher of
Mr T Walsh MentoringAdvanced Learning
Ms P Williams MentoringAdvanced Learning
Ms E WeaverMentoringKS5 Learning
Mr B ArakjiMentoringLearning
Ms B BloodsmithMentoringWest London Zone Link
Ms A SchofieldMentoringUniversity Access Officer (Access Project)
Ms H DuffyGrandin CentreHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Autism)
Ms J OlatunjiGrandin CentreHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Thinking Reading)
Mr M AhmedLearning SupportHigher Level Teaching Assistant (SLCN)
Mr J SpellerLearning SupportHigher Level Teaching Assistant (KS5)
Ms A StepanLearning SupportHigher Level Teaching Assistant (Literacy)
Ms L HuntLearning SupportEAL Learning Support
Ms I AdamsGrandin CentreLearning Support
Mr J BarrGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms C BlottGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms I BlytheGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms S JureidiniGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms I KeoghGrandin CentreLearning Support
Mr M KellyGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms L LefevreGrandin CentreLearning Support
Mr T MellishGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms N MiaGrandin CentreLearning Support Assistant
Ms Y NtiGrandin CentreLearning Support
Mr S NugentGrandin CentreLearning Support
Ms S SharmaGrandin CentreLearning Support Assistant
Mr T BannonLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr R BennLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms S BucincaLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr S IsgowLearning SupportLearning Support
Ms I GigantinoLearning Support Learning Support
Mr K LeeLearning Support Learning Support
Ms R MusaLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms T PhilomonLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr J ReidLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr A SearleLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Mr J TannerLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant
Ms L VakanasLearning SupportLearning Support
Ms S YeasminLearning SupportLearning Support Assistant

Support Staff

Ms L BleauAdministrationAttendance
Mr A ThompsonAdministrationCareers
Ms C PalmerAdministrationData
Mr S ForouheshAdministrationExaminations Officer
Ms V TurnerAdministrationExecutive Assistant to
Ms E GoulandrisAdministrationKAA Intrepidus Trust
Ms S WeitzmanAdministrationKAA Intrepidus Trust
Mr T
Mr J Brooke-WilliamsAdministrationMedical
Ms F BoujettifAdministrationPastoral Support
Ms M AlbabeiAdministrationPastoral Support
Mr D
Ms N Taylor
Ms S BakaliAdministrationSchool Receptionist & Sixth Form
Ms M AntunesAdministrationSEN
Mr O DaviesAdministrationSenior Data
Mr F DelfsCateringCatering
Ms E GonzalesCateringHead Chef-
Ms R DarkoCateringCatering Assistant-
Ms V GibbinsCateringCatering Assistant-
Ms A LuzoloCateringCatering Assistant-
Ms N MangobaCateringCatering Assistant-
Mr K LamguindazCateringKitchen Porter-
Mr M DaleyFacilities ManagementFacilities
Mr B MannFacilities ManagementFacilities
Mr J SynottFacilities ManagementSenior Premises Officer-
Mr S EvansFacilities ManagementPremises Officer-
Mr D KirkwoodFacilities ManagementPremises Officer-
Mr L WeeksFinance & HRFinance
Ms I BojanicFinance & HRFinance
Ms E DokiFinance & HRFinance
Ms A BurchFinance & HRSenior HR
Ms M PlayerFinance & HRHR
Mr N KleinhansITIT
Mr K AmeenITSenior IT Technician-
Mr T DantasITIT Technician-
Ms P SidhuPastoralSenior Safeguarding
Ms K GreenPastoralSafeguarding
Ms D JezierskiPastoralSafeguarding
Mr T WalkerTechniciansArt
Mr C HillTechniciansDT
Ms A KelleyTechniciansFood
Mrs S BalasinghamTechniciansScience
Mr A MartinTechniciansScience Technician-