Exam Results

We are very pleased with the results we have seen this year from our “founder cohort” of Year 12s. Results indicate we are in the top 10% of UK Schools for value added, with students getting on average one whole grade higher than national expectations. 61% of all entries have been graded A-C and 42% of those are As or Bs.

Some individual departments enjoyed exceptional success:

•English: 86% A-C (68% A-B)
•History: 80% A-C
•French: 88% A-C (75% A-B)
•Drama: 82% A-C
•Religious Studies: 100% A-C (89% A-B)
•Dance: 100% A-C (66% A-B)

This is our first set of results as we are a new school and we are delighted for the students for what they have achieved.

Media coverage of our first set of exams results can be viewed by clicking here: www.guardian.co.uk/uk-news/kaa