Exam Results

Key Stage 5 ResultsĀ 

Headlines for our A level results are provided below, and you can view KAA’s 16 to 18 performance tables page here.


Data headlines2018201920202021
Progress (value added)+0.34 (well above average)+0.24 (above average)--
% high grades A* to B62%49%50.9%79%
% passes A* to C85%75%81%93.5%
% passes A* to E100%100%100%99.7%
Average grade36.18
B -
C +
C +44.09


Key Stage 5 Destinations

KAA Sixth Form opened in September 2016 and we now have two strong sets of A level results. Half of our students have progressed to top Russell Group Universities, with three students getting places at Oxbridge in our first two years.


Further details of our destination data are provided below.


DestinationsNumber of students 2018% of students 2018Number of students 2019% of students 2019
Entering education7087.5%7291%
Oxbridge Universities22.5%11.2%
Russell Group Universities3442.5%2840%
Other Universities3442.5%4260%
Overseas Universities22.5%00%
Entering apprenticeships22.5%11.2%
Entering employment00%11.2%
Not in education or employment (planned gap year)810%56.3%

Key Stage 4 Results


Our 2019 GCSE results are below. You can view KAA’s GCSE results on the Department for Education (DfE) page here.


Progress 80.00--
Attainment 846.5--
% students who achieved grades 4-9 in English & Maths65%75.5%70%
% students who achieved grades 5-9 in English & Maths34.8%59.5%46%
% students who were entered for Ebacc63 (39%)59 (36%)61 (36%)
% of students who achieved Ebacc Standard 4+25.8%74.6%67.2%
% of students who achieved Ebacc Standard 5+12.9%52.5%47.5%