Exam Results

We are very pleased with the results we have seen this year from our “founder cohort” of Year 12s. Results indicate we are in the top 10% of UK Schools for value added, with students getting on average one whole grade higher than national expectations. 61% of all entries have been graded A-C and 42% of those are As or Bs.

We’ve had an exceptional performance in English, History, French, Drama and RE with over 80% of students taking those subjects getting A to C grades.

This is our first set of results as we are a new school and we are delighted for the students for what they have achieved.

The fire at Grenfell has had a huge impact on all of our students but the results they have achieved in their AS exams, the resilience they have shown along with their commitment to continue learning means they should be really proud of what they have achieved and all of the KAA staff and the Aldridge Foundation congratulate them.

Media coverage of our first set of exams results can be viewed by clicking here here: www.guardian.co.uk/uk-news/kaa