Lunch Menu

Monday 13th May – Friday 17th May 2024


At KAA we love food, and know that breakfast and lunchtime are extremely important events in the school day. We employ our own catering staff instead of outsourcing to a catering firm because we want to control the quality and coordination of food and not rely on any external group who may prioritise profit over the dining experience our students have.

As our Catering Manager, Mr. Delfs, likes to remind us that in many ways he is the most important member of staff in the academy. If students aren’t well fed and full of energy, they will not be able to learn! It’s simple – if you don’t eat well, your brain doesn’t work well. We are also keen to broaden student’s culinary tastes and introduce them to flavours they might not have met before. The menu designed by Mr. Delfs is nutritious, balanced and exciting.

We aim to keep prices for all of our products affordable for all students and parents. The price of lunch is £2.40 per day.

Family Breakfast

KAA provides a daily breakfast service before school. Breakfast is available free for all KAA students from 8am-8.30am in the dining hall.

We offer a range of cooked breakfast items, cereals, porridge, toast, yogurts and fruit so our students can enjoy a healthy start to the day and be ready for learning.

We are grateful for the support of donors who allow us to offer this service to everyone.

Lunch Menu Options

Each day, we offer a range of different menu options to provide a wide choice of meals for our students and staff. We serve lunch in the main dining hall, and from our café on the 3rd floor terrace at KAA1.

Below is a sample of what’s on offer each day:

·        Hot main course and vegetarian option

·        Jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings

·        Fresh soup made daily on site by Mr. Caliboso

·        Pasta salad made daily on site by Ms. Gonzales

·        Fresh salad boxes made on site by Ms. Pitha

·        Hot paninis and wraps

·        A wide selection of cold sandwiches and wraps

We only serve fresh fruit for desert as we are committed to supporting healthy eating. Fresh fruit costs the school more than other dessert options but our students love it so we are committed to this investment.

Lunch costs £2.40 each day.

Morning Break Price List

At morning break, we offer a range of drinks and snacks which students can purchase.

·        Spicy Jamaican lamb or chicken patty – £1.60

·        Vegetable samosa – £1.60

·        Panini – £1.00

·        Hashbrowns – £0.60

·        Cereal bars – £1.00

·        Flavoured water – £1.00

·        Still Water – £0.50

·        Milkshake – £0.60

·        Fruit Juice – £0.60

Dietary Requirements

The academy is committed to accommodating as many different dietary requirements as we can. We offer daily gluten free, vegetarian and vegan meal options. If your child has a specific dietary requirement, please e-mail Mr. Delfs directly ( with this information and he will do his very best to accommodate.

In order to support a smooth dining service, we serve Halal meat during lunch hour. This is a decision we have taken in consultation with the governing body and after careful consideration and research. If any of you have further questions or concerns on this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Delfs and he will be more than happy to provide you with more details on the quality and sourcing of all ingredients in KAA meals.