Parent Pay

Parent Pay – pay for lunches and school trips

KAA operates a cashless e-payment system – ParentPay – for morning break, lunch, classroom activities requiring special equipment and extra-curricular activities such as school trips. Therefore, students should never need to bring money into the academy or have money on their person which means that the risk of loss is greatly reduced.

With ParentPay you know that your money has reached the school safely, you can view your account statement and payment history, check when payments need to be made and set alerts to tell you when to pay online. This ePayment system allows parents and carers to pay online by debit & credit card or in cash at local PayPoint stores. Each parent has a secure online account, activated using a unique activation username and password. ParentPay holds an electronic record of your payments to view at a later date.

A detailed ParentPay user guide can be downloaded from the ParentPay website, or in the introductory ParentPay letter sent to all Year 7 parents and carers. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you need assistance.

What happens if I already have a child at KAA or children at another school with ParentPay facilities?

If you have more than one child at a ParentPay school/s you can also add children to a single account. Click on the ‘add a child button’ in ParentPay to complete this task and enter the username and password we have provided.

Below is a list of items for which KAA may require payments to be made:

Lunch time catering: We offer a range of hot and cold options during lunch service which can be paid for in the usual way by topping up the “Catering Credit” parent pay item. Each day we have a hot main, a vegetarian option, freshly baked jacket potatoes, freshly made salads as well as a wide range of sandwiches and wraps. All lunches are served with our daily selection of fresh fruit.

Break time catering: Students can buy snacks in the dining hall during break time when you add credit to your child’s account. Don’t forget to set up alerts on your account so you can top up when the balance is low. To help students with budgeting and provide certainty for parents that no unauthorized expenditure can be made, we do not offer credit facilities so no student is able to purchase items with insufficient funds. There is also a daily spend limit so students cannot spend all their allowance at once. Remember that parents and carers can view daily expenditure in the ParentPay system.

Trips: For residential trips parents can pay in instalments and details will be outlined in the parent communication. For smaller trips, such as the theatre or a sports event, payments, it is expected that the full amount is paid in one instalment.

Instrumental tuition: Instrumental tuition is heavily subsidised by us and we are able to offer a sequence of 10 lessons for £100 per term, working out at just £10 a week. The process is easy, if you would like your son/daughter to start learning an instrument just email Mr. Rigby at with the pupil name, tutor group and the instrument they would like to play. The £100 tuition fees must be paid for via ParentPay before your child starts the sequence of lessons.

Food Technology contribution (Years 7-9): All students will learn cookery (called “Food Technology”) during the year as part of the DT curriculum. We will be providing the necessary ingredients, equipment and clothing for all lessons, however, as you can appreciate, Food and Nutrition is an expensive subject to run. As such we ask that each student contribute £5 towards the cost of ingredients. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in providing this exciting opportunity towards the chefs and cooks of the future.

Product Design GCSE: For students undertaking a GCSE or A Level, the school requests a contribution of £20 per year towards materials for the course.