We are proud of our young people and encourage them to be proud of their school and their community. One key aspect of this is that all of our students will wear a smart uniform. This promotes safety, a sense of community and demonstrates that students are ready to work.

Students must be impeccably presented in the correct school uniform at all times. The KAA uniform consists of a grey blazer, striped tie (in house colours)*, maroon jumper, white shirt or blouse and dark grey trousers. Girls can choose between a pleated skirt or trousers.

*please note that when your child joins KAA their house tie will be allocated to them on their first day and you will need to pay for it via ParentPay. It does not need to be purchased in advance with the rest of your child’s uniform.

Uniform Supplier

Our supplier address is: School Uniform Direct, 343 North End Road (opposite Co-Op and near to Superdrug), London, SW6 1NN. Detailed prices, descriptions and an online ordering facility is available on their website at https://www.schooluniformdirect.co.uk/schools/119/kensington-aldridge-academy


Uniform list – compulsory items

The items in this list are compulsory for all students. Those that must be the KAA branded uniform are marked with an asterisk (*), any other items can be non-KAA branded items – where an alternative plain / non-branded alternative is listed it is not a requirement to buy the KAA branded item and these can be purchased from other retailers.

Boys UniformGirls Uniform
KAA house tie*KAA house tie*
KAA burgundy jumper*KAA burgundy jumper with logo*
KAA grey blazer with logo*KAA grey blazer with logo*
White shirtWhite blouse
Grey trousersKAA grey tartan kilt style skirt* (or grey trousers)
Leather school shoesLeather school shoes
KAA school bag with logo*KAA school bag with logo*
AA PE T-Shirt – navy & sky blues*KAA PE T-Shirt – navy & sky blue*
KAA mid-layer PE top*KAA mid-layer PE top*
KAA PE shorts (or plain navy shorts)KAA PE skirt (or plain navy shorts)
KAA PE microfibre tracksuit bottoms (or plain navy tracksuit bottoms)KAA PE microfibre tracksuit bottoms (or plain navy tracksuit bottoms)
PE trainers PE trainers
KAA technical leggings (or plain navy leggings)KAA technical leggings (or plain navy leggings)

These non-compulsory items are also available from the school shop if needed by your child:


Non-compulsory items
KAA PE drawstring bag with logo
KAA rain jacket with logo
KAA reversible fleece jacket with logo
KAA football socks – navy and sky blue

Uniform pointers

• Students must have their shirts tucked in at all times

• Ties must be tied professionally

• Leather school shoes are compulsory – no trainers, ballet-pumps or canvas shoes. Trainers cannot be worn at any time except in PE lessons.

• Socks should be plain black, grey or white, girls’ tights should be plain black

• No jewellery (except watches)

• Nail polish and make-up are not allowed

• Sensible, ‘professional’ haircuts for boys and girls. Short hair on boys should not be cut below a ‘grade 2′.

• School bags must be the official KAA version

• Coats must be the official KAA version or a plain black, dark grey or dark blue coat without any visible logos

• Hats must be either the official KAA hat or a plain black, dark grey or dark blue woollen hat

If a student arrives at school with the incorrect uniform we will contact the parent or carer and, with their permission, send the student home to resolve the issue. If we are unable to contact home the student will be placed in internal exclusion.